George Dennis Sharp Series Pick in Orange (1.05mm) -72pk

Made from Highly-Resilient Premium Quality USA Nylon

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Only Available in a Pack of 72 Picks

The George Dennis Sharp Pick is the classic American-style flat pick...with a point. Manufactured from crystal nylon the sharp pick provides extra precision and increased definition whilst maintaining improved resilience and durability. Available in 3 gauges: 0.88mm, 1.05mm, 1.30mm. Only sold in a Pack of 72 picks.

George Dennis Picks (U.S. Patent Application No.921 106) Perfect Grip. The patented cross hatched moulded surface provides a positive and reliable grip, even with the lightest finger and thumb pressure.

Manufactured from two types of highly-resilient premium quality U.S.A. nylon. Four types of pick and three different pick tips cater for a wide variety of playing styles


Brand George Dennis
TypeGuitar Picks

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