Gibraltar Rack Factory Series Curved Side Rack Extension

Rock Solid Drum Hardware by Gibraltar!

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The Rack Factory Series is a professional rack best suited for stationary or situations where daily setup and tear down is not needed.

The Rack Factory offering is made up of basic racks and rack add-on components that can be combined to build custom rack setups. Or you can choose the Rack Factory starter packs that have everything you need for the rack setup right in the box.

Side Extensions have the same length mounting bar as Basic Racks. One side mounts to either side of a Basic Rack; the other side is supported with a vertical T-Leg base. This extension provides room to mount a myriad of drums, cymbals, and accessories.

GIGRFCS Curved Side Extension includes:
1 x 46" Curved Side Mounting Bar
1 x 36" Vertical Bar with T-leg base
1 x Multi Clamp with Hinged Key Memory Locks
1 x Mounting Hardware to connect to Gibraltar Basic Rack


UPC/EAN 736021789821
Brand Gibraltar
TypeDrum Racks
SeriesGibraltar Rack Factory Series

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