Intelli IPM100 Clip-On Piezo Contact Microphone for Tuners

Works with a wide range of Instruments!

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The Intelli IPM100 is a clamp on microphone attachment that features a 3 foot cord with a 1/4"(6mm) plug which connects to any electronic tuner that has a 1/4"(6mm) input socket.

The microphone easily clamps onto the bridge, headstock, bell or footjoint of most instruments to allow effortless tuning and consistent pickup and connection to the tuner. It is highly accurate and isolates your instrument's sound when tuning in loud environments.


  • Perfect for guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, viola, cello or any similar instrument
  • This pick-up is a very versatile and practical partner to any tuner with a 1/4"(6mm) input socket
  • Isolates your instrument's sound when tuning in loud environments
  • 3 foot cord
  • Easy on and off


Brand Intelli
TypeDesktop Tuners

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