Olympia SQ Series Electric Bass 5-String Long Scale String Set (45-125)

For Electric Bass Guitars

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The Olympia Standard Electric Nickel Wound Bass Guitar String Set has four strings and are made with the finest Nickel plated steel wire, which can give you a long lasting high performance. Also with high magnetic response, it provides brilliant volume and great sustain.

Specifications: Long Scale
String Gauges:

  • G - 1st     .045     Nickel Wound
  • D - 2nd    .065     Nickel Wound
  • A - 3rd      .080     Nickel Wound
  • E - 4th      .100     Nickel Wound
  • B - 5th      .125     Nickel Wound


Brand Olympia Strings
TypeBass Guitar Strings
SeriesOlympia SQ Series
String Gauge45-125 (5 Strings)

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