Rockfield SWC Series Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup in Gold

Kicking The Tone Out Of Your Guitar!

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The SWC (Select Wound Custom) bridge pickup was designed from the ground up by meticulously researching old design documents, spec sheets, wood shed articles, building, testing and re-testing for countless days and endless hours. Most importantly though we shut up and listened to what the players wanted. After all the questions were answered and the research and testing were done, the end result finally came out of the lab with a killer pickup that the players are extremely proud of.

The Rockfield SWC pickups are slightly over wound and provide “ringing bell like” clean tones and growling vintage style leads with endless warmth and sustain. However, turn up the gain in your favourite amp and the natural bold and spongy tone of these pickups sizzles and cooks into a very full aggressive distortion without loosing note or tonal definition. The Split coil option or “Tapped” positions are useful and articulate well for a great pickup in any format!


  • Type: Bridge Pickup
  • D.C. Resistance: 9.15K
  • Magnets: USA Alnico V
  • Lead wire: Four Conductor
  • Colour: Gold


Brand Rockfield Pickups
TypeElectric Guitar Pickups

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