Rockfield SWV Series Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup in Gold

Kicking The Tone Out Of Your Guitar!

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SWV is short for Select Wound Vintage. Everybody has them. Why? Because they kick ASS! This is where some say it all started and came from.

A changing of the guard if you will, in the future engineering of guitars and guitar pickups. If it wasn’t for the original PAF design, who know where we all would be? With all that being said, this pickup rings true of that vintage tone we speak of with of course, a Rockfield twist.

That along with Rockfield’s knowledge made a great combination and specific tonality. A warm singing and smooth replication of classic PAF style tones that are clear and ring like church bells on Sunday afternoon.


  • Type: Bridge Pickup
  • D.C. Resistance: 8.23K
  • Magnets: USA Alnico II
  • Lead wire: Four Conductor
  • Colour: Gold


Brand Rockfield Pickups
TypeElectric Guitar Pickups

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