Aquila ThunderBrown 5-String Bass Uke String Set (23 - 26" Scale)

ThunderBrown Series

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This new line of strings, ThunderBrown, represents the next major innovation in bass string technology from Aquila and is designed to suit 5-String bass ukuleles with a scale length 23 - 26" (59 - 66cm)

Improved feel and higher working tension to facilitate all modern techniques such as slap, slide, bridge sound and harmonics. The sound wants to imitate the low and powerful effect of the double bass so you can use your instrument acoustically even with larger groups.

Compared to all traditional elastomer strings suitable for bass ukuleles, ThunderBrown strings offer several advantages:

  • They do not show the so called ‘sausaging effect‘ (strings pulled by hand change their diameter permanently).
  • They are made from plant-derived bio-elastomers.
  • The metal added to the plastic blend in micronised copper form is minimal in the first string and maximal in the fourth string: this ensures perfect acoustic homogeneity of the set.
  • The strings guarantee perfect finger slide on the left hand.
  • The diameter is small enough to be comparable to standard wound strings of the acoustic bass guitars.
  • The sound is so powerful that they can be installed on instruments with traditional soundboard (i.e. not solid top) and played without amplification.
  • The string tension has been increased compared to that of our Thundergut, ThunderBlack and ThunderRed strings



Brand Aquila
TypeBass Uke Strings
SeriesAquila Thunder Brown Series

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