Ashdown Woodsman Series Acoustic Guitar Preamp Pedal

A must-have for any gigging acoustic player.

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The Ashdown Acoustic Preamp Pedal has a very simple but effective layout utilizing many of the features of the classic Ashdown Acoustic preamp.

It includes a notch filter, high and low EQ rotary controls as well as the Ashdown pre-shape feature.

There is also a very useful balanced DI out on the back of the pedal allowing the user to run their signal straight into the PA for ease of use and will keep any sound guy happy, no need for a DI box.

A must-have for any gigging acoustic player. Can also be used in conjunction with the Power Cube 40 as a complete solo gig solution. The Ashdown PreAmp pedal can even run two Power Cubes in Stereo!


Brand Ashdown
TypeAcoustic Preamp Pedals
SeriesAshdown Woodsman Series
High Instrument Input4meg Ohms -100mv
DI Output600 Ohms balanced / Level 200mv nominal
EQHi EQ - + or - 15dB @150Hz, Hi EQ + or - 15 dB @5kHz Acoustically tailored shape
Notch FilterRange = 60 - 300Hz Attenuation = -18dB

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