Ashdown "Tone Pocket" Bass Headphone Amplifier with D/A Conversion

The Answer to all Your Interfacing Needs!

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The minuscule but mighty Tone Pocket is a premium bass headphone amplifier designed for home practice, studio and even stage applications.

With a host of practical features including a comprehensive 3 band EQ(+/- 15db on each band)for effective tone sculpting, line input (to connect to your smart phone or music player). Analog to Digital conversion via the mini USB 2.0 output for direct recording into your favourite DAW with no latency. 48K / 44.1KHz sampling rate for both playback and recording gives crystal clear audio, plus a balanced line out so you can even connect directly to a PA. Lastly a 9V rechargable battery allows 2 hours playing time between charges.

From the top, the Tone Pocket is the answer to all of your practice/recording interface needs.


  • USB recording
    The well-equipped rear panel of the Tone Pocket features a USB recording output for use with your favourite DAW, recorded with the truest digital conversion. When active, the USB socket also doubles as a charger for desktop use, keeping the unit charged via USB 5.1v -2.1A.
  • 2 hours of playing time. Loads of charging options.
    The Tone Pocket is powered by a rechargeable 9v battery (which can be changed if required), providing approx. 2 hours playing time. The unit comes supplied with its own 10v DC power supply (centre pin negative) for mains charging.
  • Simple EQ. Bold Tone.
    The Tone Pocket enhances the sound of your music delivered via your smart phone, offering more power with increased clarity and tone. The simple yet powerful rotary 3-band EQ controls the Bass, Mids & Highs, offering +/- 15dB on each band.
  • Balanced Line Output
    The Tone Pocket‘s balanced line output (on the rear) of the allows for connection to an amplifier or PA system.
  • Small, yet tough
    Measuring in at 26mm (H) 108mm (W) and 95mm (D), The Tone Pocket fits perfectly in your back pocket, in your gig-bag or sat on your desktop. The Tone Pocket is constructed with a light weight black anodised alloy, ensuring durability and offering sleek looks with diamond polished detailing.

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Tone Pocket in soft case
  • 1 x USB to USB cable
  • 1 x Auxiliary Cable
  • 1 x 10v power supply
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 4 x self-adhesive rubber feet


USB Codec Specifications

  • Compliant with USB 2.0 Full Speed Operation
  • - 48K / 44.1KHz Sampling Rate for Both Playback and Recording
  • Soft Mute Function
  • Embedded High Performance 16-Bit Audio DAC
  • Embedded 16-Bit ADC Input
  • Embedded 5V to 3.3V Regulator for Single External 5V Operation
  • Compatible with Win98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP and Mac OS9 / OS X without additional driver


Brand Ashdown
TypeHeadphone Amps
TypeBass Pre-Amp
TypeAudio Interfaces
SeriesAshdown Tone Pocket Series

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