Bartolini BC5C-T Original 5-String Dual Coil Soapbar Bridge Pickup

Suits 5-String Basses

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Deep, thick Original voice in the popular Bartolini BC shape for 5 string basses.

Back in the early ‘70s when Bill Bartolini was developing upgrade pickups for guitars with noisy P90 pickups known as soapbars, he developed the first bass soapbar shape, the BB. He designed a unique dual coil humbucker especially tuned for bass response. Obviously, they were very popular, and many sizes and shapes followed. For a long time, we didn’t really have a name for this series because they were our only series. They were just “our bass soapbars”. We’ve heard them called by many names like “Deep Tones”, “Old-School”, and “The Best Bass Pickup Ever”. Original Soapbars is a good summary name, we think.

No other pickup can deliver the gigantic, luxuriant lows of Original Bart soapbars. They provide bottomless lows and low-mids, their dual coil construction eliminates the noise and muddiness that vast amounts of low-end can create. The Originals are full and warm for that vintage tone you’ve been craving, enhancing the natural voice of your bass. You’ll never find lower tones produced with higher clarity!

Made for pro-level bass players, they are fully sealed and shielded making them sweat-proof, quiet if you touch them, and immune invisible noise from stage lights and studio power supplies. The cables are shielded too. Available in balanced versions for neck (Bass, -B) and bridge (Treble, -T).


Bartolini BC5T Original 5-String Soapbar - Bridge Position
Technical Details:
  • Type: Dual Coil Soapbar
  • To Suit: 5-String BC Soapbars
  • Voice: Original
  • DC Resistance: ~5.2K?
  • Resonant Frequency: ~3.7KHz
  • Sensing Width: 2.8" [71mm] Max
  • Coil Structure: Dual Parallel Humbucking
  • Cable Type: 4-Conductor Cable with shield and bare drain
  • Magnetic Circuit: Carbon steel, brass, and copper powered by ceramic (ferrite) magnets projected shallow for wide aperture.
    Neck coil South and Bridge coil North for both positions

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Brand Bartolini
TypeBass Guitar Pickups

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