Bosphorus Antique Series 16" Dark Crash Cymbal

Marries the Two Lathing Patterns of Traditional & Turk

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These Bosphorus Antique Crashes have a slightly mellowed sustain due to the banded lathing on the top sides of these cymbals. The Bosphorus Medium Thin (MT) weight has a higher pitch and a longer sustain. The Medium (M) is ideal for moderate volume or mid range applications.

The Antique Series marries the two lathing patterns of the Traditional Series and the Turk Series. This Unique family combines the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbals and the complex dryness of a raw, unlathed cymbals. The varied playing surfaces provide a wide range of sonic textures.


Brand Bosphorus Cymbals
Type16" Crash Cymbals
SeriesBosphorus Antique Series

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