Bosphorus Master Vintage Series 22" Ride Cymbal

Dark, Dry, Fundamental Tone - Precise Articulation

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These Master Vintage Series cymbals are made for the purveyor of uncompromising craftsmanship, exquisite tone and dark mystical resonance.

Dark, dry fundamental with precise articulation and an organic earthy response. The Master Vintage Series is the embodiment of our philosophy and represents our absolute finest work.

A true hand forged instrument of uncompromising quality, beauty and aural nuance. These rare treasures offer up a dark, dry fundamental tone, precise articulation, and an organic earthy response. The wash rides are prominent but never overpowering, creating a low rumble of smoldering overtones that's excited ever so slightly by each push accent or bell hit.


Brand Bosphorus Cymbals
Type22" Ride Cymbals
SeriesBosphorus Master Vintage Series

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