Bosphorus Orchestral Series 20" Marching Band Cymbals (Pair)

Projecting the Perfection of 800 Years of History

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Marching/Symphonic cymbals of Bosphorus are projecting the perfection of 800 years old history and 100% handmade as same as all the other Bosphorus cymbals. They are made from the top quality traditional Turkish cymbal bronze which is casted exclusively in the Bosphorus factory in Istanbul.

Marching cymbals have a fully lathed finish with a full, bright and rich sound and immediate response for both outdoor use and school bands. Marching band cymbals provide a combination of musicality and energy for sounds that are bright, bold, and explosive.

Bosphorus Marching Band cymbals are the top choice of the historical "Mehter" bands in Turkey. Bosphorus Symphonic Cymbals are also fully lathed and perfectly paired for a rich sound with medium-long decay. They provide every possible sound from the quietest pianissimo with a silvery shimmer to full sounding crashes in the fortissimo.


Brand Bosphorus Cymbals
Type20" Orchestral Cymbals
SeriesBosphorus Orchestral Series

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