Bosphorus Traditional Series 12" Rock Splash Cymbal

Our Most Diverse Family of Cymbals

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Bosphorus Traditional Series Splashes provide a bright and piercing attack with a very quick decay. 8 inch models have a very high pitch,10 & 11 inch models have progressively lower pitches with more body. Classic Turkish cymbal making at its finest.

Our most diverse family of cymbals, the Traditional Series offers classic Turkish cymbals in a vast array of sizes to match any musical situation. Their sounds range from dark and delicate to bright and penetrating.

Each ride and crash is available in different weight variants. A heavier ride cymbal yields a higher pitch and increased stick articulation, while the lighter weights offer a softer more ‘vowel' type stick sound. Heavier crashes provide more volume with a higher pitch, but take longer for the sound to open up. Chinas, splashes and flats are not offered in multiple weights. Traditional, yet far from ordinary.


Brand Bosphorus Cymbals
Type12" Splash Cymbals
SeriesBosphorus Traditional Series

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