Bosphorus XT Series 22" Ride Cymbal

For many styles from Jazz to Rock

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Music is developing and changing everyday and the musical instruments have to be a part of that. The story of Bosphorus XT Edition cymbals started when Robert Brian showed up and said he loved the Traditional Series but needed some modifications on the cymbals to meet his needs for the new projects. We ended up with an updated design which is not possible to call as regular Traditional Series anymore.

XT Edition cymbals have a new bell shape which are bigger than regular Traditional Series cymbals and generates more pronunced sound with a higher pitch. Also rides have more focused stick definition and immediate response while the crashes cut clearly through the music.

The cymbal sizes and weights fixed to get the best results in both live and studio settings for a vast array of genres from Jazz to Rock.


Brand Bosphorus Cymbals
Type22" Ride Cymbals
SeriesBosphorus XT Series

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