Clearly Colourful POS Counter Display Tub of 48 Harmonicas

Assorted Colours

Recommended Retail Price


Clearly Colourful Harp POS Counter Display Tub of 48 harmonicas in 4 different colours...Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.

The Clearly Colourful Harp is a genuine 10-hole Richter harmonica with plastic covers, available in four different colours.
An excellent low-price beginners instrument for blues, folk and rock.

• 0.9 mm aluminium reed plates
• Plastic comb
• 20 reeds, key of C-major
• Frosted plastic covers
• Available in blue, red, green and yellow (12 of each in display tub)

Individual Harmonica Suggested Sell Price:
$12.95 each


Brand Hohner
TypeHarmonica Boxed Packs
SeriesRetail Counter Displays

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