Electro-Voice RE3-ACC-ALPA Active Log Periodic Antenna (470 - 960MHz)

Extends the systems range

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Electro-Voice RE3-ACC-ALPA Active Log Periodic Antenna (470 - 960MHz)

The ALPA is an active directional antenna with switchable 3 dB and 10 dB of amplified gain, which increases the desired RF signal while rejecting unwanted RF signals. ALPA mounts on a standard threaded microphone stand for easy placement. Intended to extend system range, ALPA should be used in conjunction with high-quality, low-loss coax cables such as items from the Electro-Voice CXU grade cables, which are available in various lengths. RF gain at the antenna can be increased by placing an RE3- ACC-RFAMP RF booster in line using short coax.


  • Extends system range
  • Switchable 3 dB and 10 dB of active gain
  • Mounts on standard threaded microphone stand


  • Antenna Type: Active UHF directional antenna
  • Frequency range: 470 - 960 MHz
  • Effective Working Angle: 100 degrees
  • Antenna Gain: Selectable 3 dB and 10 dB
  • RF Connector: BNC
  • Colour: Black
  • Net Weight: 11.6 oz. (328 g)
  • Gross Weight: 1 lb 11.5 oz. (780 g)


Brand Electro-Voice
TypeWireless Accessories

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