Gibraltar Road Chrome Series Stealth "E-Rack" Electronic Drum Rack

Rock Solid Drum Hardware by Gibraltar!

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Unique “all chrome” design has two horizontal mounting bars for mounting electronic drum pads, cymbal pad arms and controller module

Curved stylish design looks great, takes up minimal space and is easy to transport
Set up can be customized using Gibraltar rack and mounting accessories
Mount E-drum pads with four chrome multi-clamps and four 9.5mm L–rods (L-rods fit most standard pad mounts) Mount your existing hi-hat and cymbal arms with three chrome multi-clamps from either horizontal mounting bar
Mount your sound module with an GSCEA100 extension arm mounted in a chrome multi-clamp
30-inch curved vertical bar with two 30-inch curved mounting tiers

Cymbal arms, pads and module not included


Barcode # 717070492832
Brand Gibraltar
TypeE-Drums Mounting
SeriesGibraltar Road Series Chrome

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