Gibraltar Road Series Curved Side Rack System

Rock Solid Drum Hardware by Gibraltar!

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There's no getting around it, cymbal and tom stands have their limitations. Under heavy play, they can creep.

Stand bases tend to get in the way of one another. Your setup never quite feels the same from gig to gig. And, as you know, there's a lot to tear down and haul around. Not so with Gibraltar's Road Series Rack Systems.

Memory locks ensure that your drums and cymbals will be exactly where you want them. Always. There's no clutter on the stage floor. And, remarkably, without all those stand bases, there's actually less to transport.
Gibraltar has released new drum rack packages to make it easier to find the right combination for your needs.

GIGRS125C Road Series Curved Side Rack includes:
1 x GSCGRSMTLA mini T leg assembly
1 x 36" curved horizontal bar
1 x 30" straight vertical bar
2 x GSCGRSRA Right Angle Clamp
1 x GSCGRSMC Multi clamp
1 x GSCGPRML Slip on memory lock
1 x GSCGRSHML Hinged memory lock


UPC/EAN 736021441736
Brand Gibraltar
TypeDrum Racks
SeriesGibraltar Road Series

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