Gibraltar Tension Lock 1-3/8" Tension Rods - Pk 10

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Gibraltar Tension Lock Tension Rods feature interlocking flex receivers at the top that prevents the rod from backing out and detuning the drum under hard playing.

The bottom of the flex receiver fits snugly into the oval cutouts in most counterhoops, locking into a fixed position. The special shape of the upper cavity corresponds to the metal tension rod's unique "collar" and when completely inserted it will not allow the rod to rotate without a drum key. One of the best features about this design is that the rod and the lock are one piece - that's less of a chance to lose parts

>Prevents Rods Backing Out under Heavy Playing
>Flex Receiver Locks In Rod Position
>Unique Collar Fits Snugly Into Receiver
>Compatible with Most Standard Counterhoops
>Not As Easy to Lose
>Made for Shallow Drums


UPC/EAN 647139386751
Brand Gibraltar
TypeTension Rods & Washers

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