Gotoh 3-Way Toggle Switch with Black Knob for LP-Style Guitars (Pk-1)

Made in Japan

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This high-quality pickup selector switch is made by Gotoh in Japan. It is standard equipment on many Japanese-made guitars. It is suitable for custom builds or as a replacement for USA and Asian made toggle switches.

The thickness of material which a toggle switch can be mounted to is limited by the length of the thread. This can be increased by using a 'deep nut' as is seen on most Gibson guitars.


  • Replaces USA or Asian switches
  • Chrome plated
  • Black plastic knob included
  • Knurled nut, hex nut & washer included
  • Fits metric nuts & knobs
  • 33mm deep excluding knob
  • 6mm (1/4") maximum thickness of material to be inserted (can be increased with deep nut)
  • 12mm (1/2") hole required
  • Made in Japan


Brand Gotoh

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