Headhunters "Spliffs" Multi-Rod Performance Bundles (1-Pair)

with Single Split Central Dowel

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Spliffs incorporate the same concept as Doobies and produce excellent rebound. Combining 11 bamboo external rods with a 5/16" internal wooden rod with a single split at the playing end.

The centre core is comprised of a North American 5/16" diameter birch dowel, single cut down to the ‘sweet spot’ which allows the dowel to compress and open adding bounce and enhancing its performance characteristics. This core is then surrounded by 11 bamboo dowels.

Our Headhunters double textured 'X' grip is 8" long to ensure a comfort for both the matched grip or traditional grip player, the playing end is banded and an adjustable "O" ring is added to allow for personal fine tuning.

"While explaining the construction method, I inadvertently said... 'We spliffs the centre' rather the than 'split' and the name stuck!” – Dave

Dimensions (L x W x H): 450 x 10 x 10mm


Brand Head Hunters
TypeDrum Rods
StyleWooden Rods

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