Headhunters "Stingers ST11" Bamboo Rod Performance Bundles (1-Pair)

with Foam Core

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Designed and patented in 2004, the foam core with its resilient bounce and very quiet dynamic range have become the "go to" alternate to standard bundled rods for many years. This proven design is now home as "Stingers" in the Headhunters line up.

There are 2 models available the ST11 and the ST12. The ST11 are comprised of 11 bamboo dowels surrounding a foam core centre. They have a very active bounce and are designed for quiet sensitive playing where speed and some technical demands like double stoke rolls are needed.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 400 x 10 x 10mm


Brand Head Hunters
TypeDrum Rods
StyleWooden Rods

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