Hohner Marine Band 125th Anniversary Edition Harmonica Counter Display - 12 pcs

The Legend Turns 125!

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Hohner Marine Band 125th Anniversary Edition Harmonica in the Key of C - Retail Counter Display including 12 individual harmonicas for individual sale.

January 30th, 2021 marks the 125th anniversary of the most iconic and influential harmonica model of all time, the HOHNER Marine Band. Since 1896, it has stood for craftsmanship, quality and the spirit of HOHNER around the world, helping create the musical history of the 20th century. To mark the occasion, we are releasing a special edition replica of the instrument that shaped the music of legends like Little Walter or Sonny Terry and is still synonymous with blues harmonica today.

The Marine Band is the original blues harmonica. Its uniquely authentic sound has defined the role of the harmonica in the blues tradition and made it the benchmark by which all others are judged. The archetypal blues harmonica with the traditional HOHNER tuning.


  • Detailed reproduction of the historical covers with original artwork embossing
  • Ochre/black lacquered an sealed comb out of pear wood
  • Covers with the legendary "Mouse Ear" cover flaps
  • Traditional tuned reed plate out of brass in the key of C-Major
  • Vintage cardboard box in historic design


  • Reed plates (material, thickness): 0,9mm Brass
  • Reed plates (surface): Brass
  • Reeds (number, material): 20
  • Comb (material, color): Pearwood, black/ochre
  • Comb (finish): Lacquered
  • Mouthpiece (surface): Pearwood
  • Cover plates: Stainless steel
  • Keys: C
  • Type: Diatonic
  • Tuning: Richter
  • Number of holes: 10
  • Tonal range: 3 octaves
  • Length: 10 cm / 3.9

When Jacob HOHNER filed the patent application for his new harmonica design on January 30th 1896 in New York, nobody could have dreamed of the extent to which he would affect the future of music. Originally conceived as a folk instrument, the Marine Band has had a considerable influence on the development of blues, folk, rock and pop music.

In the early 20th century, huge numbers of Marine Band harmonicas were already being exported to the USA. Here they were eagerly adopted by African Americans, who discovered hitherto unknown playing techniques which enabled them to find their own new forms of musical expression on the instrument. The music which today we call the blues evolved out of their work songs. The Marine Band can be heard on virtually every recording by blues legends such as Little Walter Jacobs, Sonny Boy Williamson I & II, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Terry, Jimmy Reed or Big Mama Thornton.

The blues would not be what it is today without the Marine Band harmonica, but it was not exclusively a blues instrument. This model was also the first choice of artists such as Johnny Cash, John Lennon or Bob Dylan. The Marine Band became a true peopleā€˜s instrument and was played in every conceivable situation, from the back porch to the street corner to the concert hall. It contributed to the success of countless hit records, TV and film themes and has even been immortalized in literature.

This astonishingly compact little instrument defines how the majority of people perceive the harmonica to this day.
All Marine Bands are made in Germany


SKU 202199
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