Intelli DMT8LT3 Multi-Function Digital Metronome & Tuner

Keeps you in Tempo & Keeps you in Tune!

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Highly accurate metronome/tuner. Sounds concert pitch "A" 440Hz - perfect for violinists out busking or without a piano etc. Superbly reliable. Authentic pendulum motion.

A very useful & essential piece of equipment for the beginner or professional musician due to its compact size silent features travelling pouch & tuning capabilities for a great variety of musical instruments


  • 36mm dynamic speaker.
  • Earphone jack: 3.5mm monophonic-type jack.
  • Input jack: 3.5mm monophonic-type jack.
  • Can use lying flat in a pocket with headphones or standing up with the aid of its "prop-up" stand
  • Made in Korea.
  • Stands 14cm high, 6.6cm wide & 3cm deep.

Metronome Function:

  • Loud, clear tone with volume control
  • Accented downbeat 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • 6 Kinds of rhythm
  • Set tempo from 40 to 216 (40 steps) sweeping LED display makes it easy to stay on the beat, even with the volume off

Tuner Function:

  • Automatic and chromatic tuner with highest accuracy
  • Built-in microphone and 3.5" jack for electric guitar
  • Calibrate from 440 to 445Hz (6 steps)
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5 cents (uses quartz crystal)
  • Tuning Range: 8 Octaves
  • Battery: Dry batteries DC 9V


Brand Intelli
TypeDesktop Tuners
TypeDigital Metronomes

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