Leolani Solid Koa Series Concert Ukulele with Gigbag

Voice of Heaven!

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Starting back in 2004, Leolani has grown in the rich traditions of its homegrown predecessors. Taking cues from Hawaii's rich culture, Leolani strives to bring the "Aloha Spirit" to those looking for a quality, yet affordable ukulele.

Through many years of trial and error, we believe that we have perfected the art of making affordable ukuleles without compromising the quality of the look and sound of the ukulele. These two elements are key when deciding to purchase a ukulele.

From the warm and bright treble, to the deep and rich bass, these two facets played together comprise the "Leolani Tone"

Koa Wood - A member of the acacia family is indigenous to Hawaii. It is also the most prized, revered woods of Hawaii, and now throughout the world. Most trees tend to have the same characteristics, such as predictable grain patterns, hardness, density and flexibility. Not so with Koa. Every tree, down to individual plankshas different nuances in colour and grain. Some of these colours include yellow, red, purple and green. With grain either straight, curly, mottled or quilted. This makes every Koa ukulele different because every tree that is harvested is different, making each instrument unique and special.

With regards to sound Koa has similar properties to that of Mahogany, and like Mahogany it produces warm, sweet bass and treble tones. Koa is also rare since land for growing Koa is scarce and because of deforestation in the last 120 years. The availability of this remarkable wood is decreasing, while demand for it is on the rise. Making this wood highly valuable.

Body Size: Concert
Body: Solid Koa
Neck: Okume
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Tuning Pegs: Open Gear
Finish: Matt
Strings: Aquila
Binding: Turtoise


Brand Leolani
TypeConcert Ukuleles
SeriesLanikai Solid Koa Series
Body TopSolid Koawood
Body BackSolid Koawood
Body SidesSolid Koawood

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