Martin Retro "Tony's Choice" Bluegrass Guitar String Set (13-56)

For Acoustic Guitars

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Tony Rice's Signature Martin Sound Martin Retro acoustic guitar strings are crafted from a long-lasting proprietary nickel-based alloy blend that mellows quickly to a warm vintage tone that brings out the unique, woody sounds in your guitar.

Retro strings are made with tin-plated steel core wire and solid Monel wrap wire, a proprietary blend of nickel and copper that is naturally corrosion resistant. Martin offers modified gauging on the B, D, and A strings for modern playability. The modified gauging makes the string easier to play with a more balanced feel and clear intonation.

Monel Retros are the original Nickel acoustic string – the real deal – all the way from the 1930s. Retro strings offer a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound that allows your guitar’s natural tone woods to be heard, not overshadowed. They are crafted with Monel, a solid Nickel/Copper wrap wire - not nickel-plated - meaning there is no chance for defects in the plating to allow for corrosion. Instead, Martin’s proprietary wrap wire is naturally corrosion resistant and it is incredibly strong.

We also employ a sophisticated winding process in the making of our Retro String that controls the coupling between the core and wrap wire to maximize intonation. Martin Retros are the real deal. Not an imitation. With Martin Retros, you get one tough set of strings that will last a long time and give you true, consistent tone that sounds like nothing else on the market.

Set: MTR13
Gauge: Medium 13-16-26-34-44-56
Tension: 184.9
Package: 6 strings


UPC/EAN 729789552967
Brand Martin
TypeAcoustic Guitar Strings
SeriesMartin Retro
String Gauge13-56

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