Martin Standard Mandolin String Set (10-34)

Warm Tones & Long Lasting Trebles

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SKU: M400

Dance across the fretboard with speed and fluidity. The Mandolin is a splendid instrument that has become an integral member of the American Bluegrass band.

Martin Mandolin strings are crafted to provide rich, warm tones and brilliant long lasting trebles. Martin mandolin strings are ideally suited for musicians who need strings with rich, warm tones and brilliant, long lasting trebles. Martin Mandolin strings are made with tin plated steel core wire and bronzed wrap wire.

Set: M400
Gauge: Standard 10-10-14-14-24-24-34-34
Tension: 146.8
Package: 8 strings


SKU M400
UPC/EAN 729789552219
Brand Martin
TypeMandolin Strings
SeriesMartin Bluegrass
String Gauge10-34

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