MBT Lighting F416 DJ Stage 4-Channel Chase Controller & Footswitch

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MBT LIF416 Par Can Controller Module Unit has 4-Channel chase in 16 different patterns for an ever-changing light show.

The light chase to the beat of music or to the pre-set speed control. The foot switch has controls for Full-On, Black-Out and Auto/Speed Chase selection for remote hands-off operation. The Unit features 4-Channels with one AC outlet per channel. Simply plug par cans into the AC outlets on the front. Unit will chase to music via the built in microphone and automatically advance through the built in 16 chase patterns.

Indicator lights on top of unit will flash according to pattern. Adjust sound sensitivity via knob on front of unit. Controllers may be linked for added versatility via the 3-pin XLR connections. This function allows two or more groups of lights to operate together through the use of one footswitch.


  • 4 outlets
  • 2 brackets for mounting
  • Audio sensitivity and speed control knobs
  • XLR male and female for linking
  • 30 ft cable
  • 3-pedal foot switch with audio/speed, full-on and black out controls.


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