Mi-Si "Air Trio" Battery-free MEMS Mic , Element System & Controls for Ukulele

60 Second Charge - Up to 8hrs Performance time!

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The Mi-Si Acoustic Trio Air is a winning combination of the venerable Acoustic Trio undersaddle pickup system with Mi-Si's all new MEMS microphone based Mi-Si Air. The Acoustic Trio Air system includes the LR Baggs Element undersaddle pickup, the Crystal battery-free endpin jack preamp, and the integrated MEMS microphone.

The signals from LR Baggs Element undersaddle transducer and the MEMS internal microphone are mixed and controlled by soundhole mounted Blend and Volume controls. This combo provides you with an exceptionally strong, feedback free sound, capturing natural vibrations of both the body and air of your instrument. Not to mention that it's light and simple due to battery-free technology and Mi-Si's industry leading minimalistic design philosophy.

Powering up the Acoustic Trio Air for 60 seconds with the included Mi-Si Power Charger will provide you with up to 8 hours of performance time.


  • Battery-free Active Preamp with LR Baggs Element Undersaddle Pickup
  • Integrated MEMS Microphone
  • Soundhole Blend and Volume Controls
  • Includes Power Charger
  • Made in USA


Brand MISI
TypeUkulele Pickup Systems

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