Mi-Si "Cutless" Wireless Battery-free Preamp System for Acoustic Guitar

120 Second Charge - Up to 4hrs Performance time!

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Mi-Si's latest breakthrough in acoustic amplification, the CUTLESS is an innovative analog signal processing unit with digital wireless remote control.

The CUTLESS eliminates the need to cut a hole in your prized instrument. Bass, Treble, Mid-range, Brilliance, Volume and Phase are controlled by wireless remote control outside the instrument at your fingertips. The analog preamp is incorporated into the instrument's endpin jack.

The CUTLESS utilizes Mi-Si's custom piezo linearization scheme, allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup. Like all Mi-Si products, the CUTLESS is battery-free. Power up the CUTLESS for 120 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger, and get up to 4 hours of performance time.

Package Contents:
- Battery-free Preamp/Endpin Jack
- L.R.Baggs Element Under-Saddle Piezo Pickup
- Power Charger

Who We Are
Mi-Si Electronics Design, Inc. (pronounced "My-Sigh") was founded in April 2004 by an experienced team of engineers with a passion and a drive to make music technology better - for both artists and music lovers. Although new to the marketplace, Mi-Si's engineers bring an arsenal of expertise and more than 25 years experience in the amplification field, developing exciting and revolutionary electronics specifically designed for acoustic amplification.

Our Philosophy
In the past, conventional circuit design components have been a burden to acoustic musicians, incurring extra cost, requiring additional space, and decreasing reliability and tonal quality. Making a signal pass as simple as possible has not been a luxury, but a necessity. This knowledge is the driving force behind Mi-Si’s approach – minimalist design with maximum functionality. Musicians have known this all along, the fewer obstacles between your pickup and your amp, the better your sound.

After more than 25 years of designing and building preamps, Mi-Si’s team of engineers proudly introduces a truly significant and unique breakthrough: a high-performance, fully active preamp that does NOT NEED BATTERIES. No 9-Volt, no AA, no AAA, no lithium - NO BATTERIES at all. A special blend of new energy sources with very low-power components and our ability to design compact and efficient circuits make our battery-free products a reality. 0 to 60 To enjoy the benefits of Mi-Si’s Battery-Free Technology, all you have to do is power-up for 60 seconds, providing you with 8 hours of performance time (or 16 hours in the case of the Simple Jack). Our extremely energy-efficient design not only means no batteries, but no battery wires, no dead or fading batteries, no RF interference, no battery compartments, and no need to remove a battery from your instrument before transportation.

Good News for the Whole Planet
Every used battery is a hazardous waste and needs to be properly disposed of to avoid toxic chemicals leaking into soil and waterways. Our environmentally conscious and advanced designs eliminate this waste. Our products are created with one goal in mind – to provide the highest quality performance while being as frugal as possible regarding energy consumption. We are proud to play a role in furthering the aspirations of musicians, in addition to helping our planet.


Brand MISI
TypeAcoustic Pickup Systems

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