Music Nomad String Change Tool Kit (6-Pce)

String Changes like a Pro!

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SKU: MN218

Changing your acoustic, electric and bass guitar strings just got a whole lot easier, more effective & FUN! Music Nomad's 6 PC. String Change Tool Kit contains all the essential products used by top touring techs and repair shops worldwide for the most efficient string changing process to ensure the best sound from your new strings.

Our innovative GRIP ONE sets a new higher standard for what you should expect in an all-in-ONE string winder, cutter and bridge pin puller. Our TUNE-IT lubricant is a critical step you apply to the nut slots, bridge, saddle and string guides every string change to help your guitar stay in tune and reduce string breakage.

Did you know your tuning bushings loosen over time and affect your sound and tuning? Use the Octopus 8 ‘n 1 Tech Tool for every string change to tighten tuning machine bushing, output jacks, control pots and screws to ensure your guitar is gig ready and sounding its best. We even give you this string changing tips and tricks booklet to ensure you perform all these critical steps that only take a few minutes to keep you playing and sounding the best!

That’s Music Nomad quality raising the bar in equipment care.


  • The Kit includes all the essential products for the most efficient string changing process to ensure the best sound from your new strings. Works for Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars and more.
  • The 6 pc. String Change Tool Kit includes our: GRIP ONE, TUNE-IT, the Octopus 8 'n 1 Tech Tool, & a 12 page instructional booklet all in a convenient storage tube.
  • GRIP ONE features our all in one string winder, cutter and bridge pin puller. Perfect for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars. The innovative precision bearing construction results in effortless, silent & super fast winding. Rubber lined head won't scratch your tuners. Strong carbon steel string cutters works on all string types.
  • Apply TUNE-IT to Nut Slots, Bridge, Saddles, and String Guide every string change to stay in tune longer & reduce string breakage. Two convenient applicators are included.
  • The 8 'n 1 Octopus's innovative design is perfect for tightening output jacks, strap locks, control pots, strap buttons, tuning machine bushings & screws. It features both a Phillips & flat blade screwdriver with our reversible shaft design and is engineered for the most popular hex wrench sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 1/2", 7/16".


Brand Music Nomad
TypeRepair/Maintenance Tools

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