NU-X ZEUS Fully Isolated Power Supply with Cables

100V - 240V World Tour Ready

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Zeus was the god of the sky and thunder. His most famous power is the ability to throw lightning bolts. That’s why we name the power supply "ZEUS"


  • AC Power Input: 100~240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • DC Outputs:
    6 x 9V / 500mA
    3 x 9V/12V/18V adjustable
    1 x 6V~12V tweakable
    1 x USB 5V/1.5A for Pad
  • DC Cables:
    5 x 50cm DC Link Cable (2.1mm Barrel Connectors - Right Angle to Straight Ends)
    5 x 30cm DC Link Cable (2.1mm Barrel Connectors - Right Angle to Straight Ends)
    1 x 50cm Reverse Polarity Cable (2.1mm - Right Angle)
    1 x 50cm Mini Plug Cable (3.5mm - Right Angle)
    1 x 10cm HX Current Double Adaptor (2.1mm - Jack to 2.5mm Right Angle Plug)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 195mm x 101mm x 42mm
  • Weight: 658gm

The Concept 
Zeus provides 10 high current isolated DC power. It equips 10 isolated switching power transformers to offer a clean and stable source for your pedals. As a modern musician, guitarists like digital post effects like Eventide®, Strymon®, …etc. So Zeus comes with 3 adjustable high current outputs (9v/500ma | 12v/300ma | 18v/200ma), and 1 tweakable high current output (6v~9v~12v). It means you can use Fuzz or Phaser with the tweakable output to find the best sound.

For working musicians, Zeus has USB port for your mobile device charging. Zeus’ universal AC power in can let you work all the world without any AC mistake. It’s reliable and durable to power your pedals

*All of the brand and model names mentioned on this page are Trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Pro Music Australia, NUX Effects and Cherub Technology CO. LTD.


The Background 
As a musical instrument brand, NUX already built lots of pedals and multi-effects. For users who use high gain distortion pedals always have headache with the power supply. The DC daisy-chain can drive several pedals, but the ground noise will occur easily especially while you connect analog pedals and digital pedals at the same time. To be an industry pioneer, NUX has the mission to build a reliable, extreme-low-noise, light-weight, universal power, high current, all-isolated power supply.

While we reviewed the previous isolated power supplies, the main products use “toroidal transformer”. Even it can offer clean power, but the efficient, weight, size, is totally unfriendly in nowadays.


Unique Features - Effciency (Reliable) 
Zeus is able to deliver substantially more current while handling a much wider range of input voltages, more efficient than linear power supplies.


Transient Currents (Powerful) 
The current of an effect pedal (especially power-hungry modern DSP effects) is different at the moment of power-on and normal operation. The transient current often exceeds the normal operating current by 1 to 2 times. Zeus can effectively provide more than 2 times the instantaneous start-up current.


  • 1 - 6 CH: >1100mA
  • 7 - 10 CH: >600mA
  • USB 5V: >2.1A


Tweakable Dial Control (Sag or Rise for the best sounding) 
Tweakable dial controls to adjust variable voltage: 6V~12V.

For the picky musicians, they care about the tone, especially for some Ge Fuzz pedals, Phaser, BBD Chorus, and Overdrive pedals. You have to adjust the voltage carefully to get the best sound and dynamic.


Optical Negative Feedback Control (Sound like designed to sound) 
Why do musicians need an all isolated power supply? As we mentioned in advance, the ground noise is annoying, and the best way to solve it is individually isolated power. Just plug it in, and you are good to go! The main advantage of the switching power supply is greater efficiency (up to 96%) and lower heat generation than linear regulators because the switching transistor dissipates little power when acting as a switch.

Other advantages include smaller size, and lighter weight from the elimination of heavy and expensive line-frequency transformers. Standby power loss is often much less than transformers. Zeus' two stages of isolation topology can eliminate ground loop and AC line noise issues completely.

A feedback circuit monitors the output voltage and compares it with a reference voltage. Depending on design and safety requirements, the controller may contain an isolation mechanism (such as an opto-coupler) to isolate it from the DC output.


UL Certification (Safety) 
To built a commerce product, we have the responsibility to make sure the safety. It costs us more than 1 year to reach all the requirements of UL. We’re proud to say the ZEUS isolated power supply is not only a professional musician’s tool, it’s also a GREEN power.


Universal AC Power (100V~240V World Tour Ready) 
As a working musician’s tool, you don’t need to worry about the AC voltage, just choose the specific IEC power chord and plug, plug it, and you are good to go.


Self-Regulated Output (Ultra Low Impedance) 
Unlike other switching power supply which uses multi-stage filtering to eliminate the noise. The self-regulated output design of Zeus which has ultra low impedance that can offer you clean power and keep great dynamic! Too much filter will kill the harmonics and dynamics.


Abundant DC cables (Multiple Applications) 

Besides regular DC cables, reverse polarity cable, 3.5mm mini plug cable, Zeus offers HX current doubler adaptor. Zeus can even drive LINE6 HX-STOMP with no doubt.

Note: If you want to parallel 2 outputs to double the currents, please use 2 outputs from output 1~6. And make sure the loading is less than 800mA to keep the safety.

*All of the brand and model names mentioned on this page are Trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Pro Music Australia, NUX Effects and Cherub Technology CO. LTD.



** Free Firmware Updates and Manuals are available by clicking here then selecting "Support"



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