Perris 2" Polyester "Multiple Logos" Beatles Licensed Vegan Guitar Strap

Adjustable length 39" to 58"

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SKU: PS6105

This is a 2" The Beatles Official Licensing Guitar Strap with "Multiple White Logos" on Black Heat Transfer Design to Polyester Webbing. Adjustable length 39" to 58".

The Beatles got their start in Liverpool, England in 1960. They toured Hamburg, Germany for a of couple of years, before they released their song "Love Me Do" in 1962, which became their fist hit in the UK. Within a few short years after that, the Beatles became international superstars, topping the charts and starring in movies. With classics ranging from their early hit "She Loves You," to "A Day In The Life" and the incomparable "Hey Jude," there is no corner of the earth the Beatles haven’t reached. They are the most successful rock band of all time, with record sales of over 700 million units. The Beatles were more than just hit songs on the radio, they innovated song writing, record production and band image, completely changing the music industry.

The Beatles guitar straps from D’Addario celebrate the iconic images throughout the Beatles’ incomparable career and all straps are vegan friendly


SKU PS6105
Brand Perris
TypeLicensed Guitar Straps
TypePrinted/Patterned Guitar Straps

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