Progressive Keyboard Book 3 for Young Beginners Book/Online Video & Audio

Learn It, Live It, Love It

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Contains very easy arrangements of favorite children's songs.

Extends the range to 11 notes, including sharps and flats. Introduces eight new chords, with both easy and fingered chord shapes, including sevenths and minors. Beautifully illustrated throughout in full color.

Songs include: Diddle Diddle Dumpling, Little Brown Jug, There's a Hole In the Bucket, Pop Goes the Weasel and many more.

Comes with instructions to receive free online video & audio demonstrating all examples.


UPC/EAN 978-0-947183-43-1
Brand Learn To Play Books
SeriesYoung Beginner
UPC7 68437 78343 4
Supplier Code18343

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