Rockfield Fat Ass Series Electric Guitar Neck Pickup in Black

Kicking The Tone Out Of Your Guitar!

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Aggressive in its own right, the Rockfield FAT ASS bridge pickup was designed for a specific group players in mind. The players that have those crazy super acrobatic playing styles that we all stare at in amazement.

Great pickup for Bridge or neck but designed to compliment the FAT ASS bridge pickup in the neck position. This pickup, like the bridge position FAT ASS has a full round tone that helps transfer string vibration from pulls, bends and leads so the user gets less tonal drop off and better articulation and note definition.

This is made possible by yes… the custom designed bobbins that house the larger pole pieces. Custom wound with a little less bite but still just as aggressive, this pickup has great balance and sustain with a huge low end response and mids and highs that scream and cut for a tone that is truly inspiring.


  • Type: Neck Pickup
  • D.C. Resistance: 11.19K
  • Magnets: USA Alnico V
  • Lead wire: Four Conductor
  • Colour: Black


Brand Rockfield Pickups
TypeElectric Guitar Pickups

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