Rogers Dyna-Sonic Custom Series Snare Drum in Gold Sparkle Lacquer - 14 x 6.5"

5-Ply Select North American Hardwood Shell

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Rogers Dyna-Sonic Limited Edition Custom Lacquer Series snare drums.

These special production run drums are now available in both high-luster black gloss lacquer and gold sparkle lacquer finishes. Long celebrated for its luminosity and depth, high-gloss lacquer drum finishes provide a robust and seamless shell that is visually stunning. Offered in both 5" x 14" standard and 6.5" x 14" concert shell depths.

Hand-built in Roger's USA workshop, the Dyna-Sonic Limited Edition Custom Lacquer series is another masterpiece of art and sonic excellence. Don't wait - available only for a limited time...

Featuring a 6.5" x 14" standard depth, proprietary formula shell complete with original spec reinforcement rings. Faithfully appointed with the second generation lug profile, chrome script logo, oval badge and finished in stunning gold sparkle lacquer.

At the heart of the drum is Rogers legendary floating snare rail system, which provides extraordinary sensitivity and control that has never been duplicated. Hand-built in Roger’s USA workshop, the Dyna-Sonic No. 36-GSL is another masterpiece of art and sonic excellence.


  • 6.5" x 14" Standard trap kit depth, wood shell
  • Shell: Proprietary formula 5-ply Maple/ Poplar with reinforcement rings
  • Hoops: 10 lug, 1.6mm triple flanged batter and snare side hoop with snare gates
  • Lugs: Beavertail double sided die-cast lugs (10)
  • Throw off: Swivo-matic (Clock Face) style strainer
  • Butt end: Clock face matching butt end
  • Snares: Exclusive floating snare rail system with adjustable 20-strand snare wires
  • Badges: Rogers script logo badge, Dyna-Sonic “Custom Built ” oval badge
  • Shell Finish: Gold Sparkle Lacquer
  • Interior finish: Fruitwood stain

Joseph H. Rogers establishes USA’s first calfskin head company in Brewster’s Station, New York, followed later by a second tannery in Farmingdale, New Jersey, operated by son Joseph H. Rogers Junior.

In addition to drum and banjo head production, grandson Cleveland S. Rogers begins to manufacturer the first “Rogers” drums at the Farmingdale tannery. 1955 Cleveland S. Rogers sells the Rogers company to distributor Henry Grossman. Subsequently, Grossman moves Joseph Rogers Inc. from Farmingdale to Covington, Ohio.

With the combined skills of Henry Grossman, inventor Joe Thompson, and marketing manager Ben Strauss, the Rogers Company rises to become a leading innovator in drum & percussion manufacturing at the Covington plant.

1966 - 2006
After an inspired decade at the company’s Covington facility (considered the “Golden Era” of the Rogers brand), the company’s assets are subsequently sold to a series of musical instrument corporations including CBS (1966), Brook Mays (1999), and Yamaha (2006).

Rogers returns…


Brand Rogers Drums
TypeSnare Drums
SeriesRogers Dyna-Sonic Custom Series
StyleWooden Snare Drums
FinishGold Sparkle Lacquer
Configuration14 x 6.5"
ShellProprietary formula 5-ply Maple/Poplar

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