Savarez 500CJ New Cristal Corum High Tension Classical Guitar String Set

New Cristal Trebles & Corum Basses

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The only strings particularly flexible offering outstanding nuances and colours of sounds, fast and precise response like a stiffer string rich overtones. Authorise infinity of nuances and colours and remain clear on very high positions.

Trebles Strings: New Cristal High Tension (E1 - B2 - G3)
Improved nylon, plain strings.
Clear sound of a transparent Nylon.
Traditional usual gauges.

Basses Strings: Corum High Tension (D4 - A5 - E6)
Flexible Strings, wound nylon core.
Savarez innovation never done before.
Outstanding nuances and colours of sounds, fast response like a stiffer string.


















Brand Savarez Strings
TypeClassical Guitar Strings
SeriesSavarez Corum Basses

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