Toca Freestyle 2 Series Djun Djuns 10" with Mallets

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Freestyle II Djun Djuns with Mallets - 10" Kenkeni (High Tone) enables outstanding melody, design and various authentic African tones.

Freestyle II Djun Djuns now take the next step in performance with the installation of all-weather synthetic heads. The new heads eliminate the stretching, drying, and loss of pitch that can occur with natural skin heads due to changes in weather conditions. Thus they offer greater consistency in sound. Synthetic heads can also be tensioned over a wider range, making them able to produce higher, crisper slaps and deeper bass tones. Freestyle II Rope Djembes have also been improved with an increased number of rope runners that allow for improved tuning.

Drum body is constructed of synthetic material, 3 sizes available and sold separately, 10" (Kenkeni) produces the high tone, 12" (Sangban) produces the mid-range tone and the 15" (Dundunba) produces the deep bass tone.

Features include Low-stretch Alpine rope with braided cores and Mallets included.


Brand Toca
TypeWorld Drums
InstrumentDjun Djuns

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