Toca Jingle Shake Tambourine & Shaker Sound Effects

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The Toca Jingle Shake is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, simply by means of how the player holds and moves it. Shake it up and down and it sounds like a tambourine, with some added "high and dry" tones contributed by the shaker. Shake it from side to side and it sounds like a small shaker, with just the slightest amount of metallic sustain contributed by the jingles.

Additional effects can be created by squeezing the shaker container or muting the tambourine jingles with the fingers. The versatility, lightweight yet durable construction, and professional-looking flat black finish of the Jingle Shake make it a great add-on to any percussion setup.

A tambourine and shaker in one•
4 rows of nickel plated jingles•
Equipped with screw top shaker cylinder which allows the player to adjust the amount of fill•
Shaker cylinder can be removed so that the tambourine can be played alone•
Lightweight construction•
Various rhythms can be played•
Great add-on to any percussion set-up•
Flat Black finish•
4¼" by 15/8" tall


UPC/EAN 736021198593
Brand Toca
TypeSound Effects
InstrumentJingle Shakes

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