Wilkinson Zebra Double Coil Pickup in Black/White- Neck

Simplicity, Durability & Problem Solving Design

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While the original spec for Humbucker bobbins was black, a shortage of these items on the production line in the 1950s resulted in bobbins being sourced in virgin material (ivory coloured plastic), hence when guitarists started to remove their brass covers, they discovered that some guitars contained what have become known as Zebra pickups.

Some people believe these are the best sounding double coils ever. Trev just thought that they look great, and by using the same windings as the WVC pickup, they are as authentic sounding as anything currently available.


  • Neck position pickup
  • Lower output, classic sounding humbucker with clear tones and rich harmonics in it's sound.
  • Sized set for the correct retro-fit into your existing instrument
  • Supplied with mounting ring, screws and springs


Brand Wilkinson
TypeElectric Guitar Pickups

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